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1,000mg of electrolytes
4 grams of organic cane sugar
Deliciously subtle flavor

Clean Hydration Mix
Variety Pack

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15 pack
4.5 (120 REVIEWS)
A hydration mix made with clean ingredients and 1000mg of electrolytes to help you bounce back from exercise, a night out, or just a long day.
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1,000mg of electrolytes
4 grams of organic cane sugar
Deliciously subtle flavor

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Clean hydration, backed by science

We created Basis using rehydration therapies developed by the World Health Organization, the gold standard in hydration science.
1000mg of Electrolytes
Water alone doesn’t cut it. We have the right balance of magnesium, potassium, and sodium to perfectly rehydrate you.
Only 4g of Organic Sugar
Our sugar has a purpose. Cane sugar or technically speaking, glucose, is needed to absorb the water into the bloodstream quicker, making you feel better, faster.
Deliciously subtle taste
Basis is made with just enough flavoring and no salty aftertaste.
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4g sugar
25 calories
1,000 mg electrolytes
11g sugar
45 calories
890 mg electrolytes
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The Reviews are In!

“We are obsessed with Basis and it will forever be a staple in our household”
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“I’m floored at how incredible your product is 😀 and can't believe it took so long for someone to do it, but I'm so glad you are!"
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