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New: Clean Hydration Mix
Variety Pack (15 sticks)

$18.75 $24.99 (25% off)
Whats inside? 5 Cran-Raspberry sticks. 5 Grapefruit Melon, and 5 Blackberry Lemon.
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1,000mg of electrolytes
4 grams of organic cane sugar
deliciously subtle flavor

Clean Hydration, Backed by Science

Not just any science, the gold standard in science, the World Health Organization
1000mg Electrolytes
Sodium, potassium, and magnesium to help your body and mind perform.
Only 4g of Organic Sugar
Plant based organic cane sugar to quickly absorb electrolytes for increased hydration.
3x More Hydrating than Water
Basis is backed by science to deliver 3x the hydration of a glass of water alone.
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Discover our delicious flavors

We'd recommend the variety pack so you can try all of our delicious flavors at once.

Variety Pack

Whats inside? 5 Cran-Raspberry sticks. 5 Grapefruit Melon, and 5 Blackberry Lemon.
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Blackberry Lemon

A nice mix of berry with a hint of citrus. Our number one selling beverage flavor!
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Grapefruit Melon

Our most subtle flavor with only a hint of grapefruit and melon.
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Cran Raspberry

Our most flavorful option with a classic berry combination.
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4g sugar
25 calories
1,000mg electrolytes
11g sugar
45 calories
890mg electrolytes
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The reviews are in!

"We are obsessed with Basis and it will forever be a staple in our household"
Love it! Normally a liquid IV customer but will definitely switch over - enjoying the low sugar and light flavor!
Rachel (@rachelagtt)
"I love it and my husband loves it! We have been drinking it post workout and I think it really makes a difference."

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