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Bounce back from whatever dehydrates you

Here's the gist of it

Staying hydrated shouldn’t be this hard. We’re here to make sure it’s not.

1000mg of Electrolytes

Only 4g of Organic Cane Sugar

Zero added coloring

Monk fruit, never Stevia or Erythritol

Life is dehydrating, so we created Basis

Basis was made to replenish electrolytes lost during the day, helping you to feel focused, energized, and relaxed.
Pre/Post workout
Immunity & Wellness
Beauty & Skin
Body & Mind
basis clean hydration mix flavors

Clean Hydration Mix

Clean hydration Mix, with a balanced electrolyte boost & Natural fruit flavors designed to hydrate you fast—anytime, anywhere. The best way to start your day!

Blackberry Lemon Cran Raspberry Grapefruit Melon Variety Lemon Lime

The reviews are in!

"I'm floored at how incredible your product is and can't believe it took so long for someone to do it, but I'm so glad you are!"


"We are obsessed with Basis and it will forever be a staple in our household"


"I love it and my husband loves it! We have been drinking it post workout and I think it really makes a difference."


We're all about the science

But without getting too scientific, we created Basis using rehydration therapies developed by the World Health Organization, the gold standard in hydration science. It’s been tested on elite athletes, gym rats, students, and even our moms.

Electrolyte Balance

Water alone doesn't cut it. Your body needs the right balance of magnesium, potassium, and sodium to truly hydrate properly.

Sugar with a purpose

Our sugar has a purpose. Organic cane sugar, or technically speaking, glucose, is needed to absorb the water into the bloodstream quicker, making you feel better, faster.